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Welcome to Iguana Proofreading

Presentation Is Paramount. You've done all the research... you've laid down your first draft... you've typed up your neat copy... you've even run a quick spell check...

...yet your work can still be ruined by sloppy presentation. At Iguana Proofreading, we firmly believe it's the finer details that convey a good impression; why ruin all your hard work?

Are you aware that no matter how good your ideas are, a publisher will not look twice at your manuscript if it's full of spelling mistakes, incorrect word usage, or has poor layout or even plot holes? Perhaps English is your second language, but your choice of words leads to embarrassing misunderstandings. Or maybe your essay or dissertation is in such a poor state it costs you the grades your efforts deserve.

Whether you've written your latest epic blockbuster novel or a simple memo to your workforce, Iguana Proofreading can help to shape your work in order to communicate your words clearly and concisely, allowing you to focus solely on content, and giving you a better, stronger and perfectly crafted end product.

From our simple proofreading service to our full-on manuscript critique, we can be your second set of eyes and help to eliminate embarrassing mistakes in spelling and grammar in your work, while allowing you to retain complete creative control.

We understand the important things like leaving your character dialects and writing style alone, preserving your voice and vision, while concentrating on spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, usage, layout and more, so that your work is judged on its own merit... your ideas... and not on errors.

We take confidentiality very seriously and offer unbeatable rates.

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Of course, we don't JUST do proofreading, you know...

Outsourced Typing Service

At Iguana Proofreading, we are proud to offer a highly skilled and professional service to cover all your administrative needs.

Whether you are looking to outsource data entry, copy typing, audio transcription or typing of check in/check out and inventory reports, we can offer a highly accurate and efficient service.

We are happy to work with whichever template you wish, and in most cases all we would require is a blank Excel or Word template of the report you would like produced and a completed example to ensure we follow the exact layout you require, or we can simply start from scratch.

All files would be uploaded and downloaded securely via our dedicated file transfer system to ensure your completed work is returned to you as quickly as possible.

Our standard rates are:

  • Audio transcription/typing: 1 per audio minute (e.g. 20 minutes of audio = 20)
  • Copy typing (either from handwritten or typed) = 9 per 1,000 words

Generally speaking, the standard turnaround is 24 hours, although this could be longer or shorter depending on the volume of work involved.

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"Darren Robinson saved me from an alarming number of small, medium, and large mistakes in my novel manuscript. As expected, he caught the boatloads of typos, punctuation and grammatical errors that, no matter what you think, always hide in every "final" draft. The real shocker came when he pointed out where I had failed to connect the dots – setups without payoffs, character inconsistencies, plot confusion – all things that would have embarrassed me and annoyed my readers had they escaped into the wild. In the big publishing houses they have staff professionals who protect their authors from such blunders, in the world of indie publishing, we're on our own. Do yourself a favor and hire Darren. You won't regret having this consummate professional watching your back."
    —Roger Eschbacher, Dragonfriend

"It's almost embarrassing how many typos Darren found in my so-called 'polished' manuscript. No matter how many times you check your work, a second pair of eyes will always find things you missed time and time again. What's more, a professional proofreader will also pick up factual and continuity errors, and a myriad of things you never even thought of as a problem. I requested the overall assessment service too, and received some valuable feedback about what would improve the story. I ended up rewriting a few chapters, but it was well worth it; my finished novels are far better and cleaner. With so many sloppily produced self-published novels out there, it's important to stand above the slush and get basic grammar and punctuation right. I thoroughly recommend Iguana Proofreading."
    —Keith Robinson, Island of Fog